Donnerstag, 8. Dezember 2011


Again i am sitting in the train to zurich. Sleepy but not willing to sleep because i already got up and this is the start of a new day. I usually sleep on my way back. In my bag i have 4 new books. I received them yesterday from dino simonett, swiss (bündner) editor. The first one is called 'to the happy few.'
I looked at the wonderful yellow gold linnen cover and the first pages. Started reading and felt so happy. A book which immediately carries you away with its images and personal stories. So i wanted to tell you about it. One of these special products made carefully, taken care of content, material and every single detail is not so easy to find.
I have got one at home now - you are so welcome to pass by and have a look at it. Or go to dinos pop up store now in december in zurich.
Ok I have shared :-)
i will continue reading.

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Flurina hat gesagt…

ok, and i will drop by and have a look at it ;-)