Montag, 29. August 2011

saturday treats...

Donna Hay Cookbook, mail from Kumi (her own book of dutch poems),
fantastic salad at
nage und sauge in munich,
wrapped gift from my favorite souvenir shop in munich called

Samstag, 27. August 2011

Rose Bakery No.1 - PANCAKES

Just tried the first recipe from Rose Bakery. Pancakes... DELICOUS!

The best pancakes I ever made (also the richest ones I think...) :P
Am running to the shop now to buy one of these tiny frying pans...
more appropriate size for this.


one of my favorite cominations: lilies and roses :-)

Dienstag, 9. August 2011

Rent a Rentner!

If this isn't a fantastic idea! I like it so much: Someone had a 'problem' and came up with a really great innovative solution! FANTASTIC.

Dienstag, 2. August 2011


Just back from an absolutely fanatstic, thrilling , inspiring, colorful, social, funny weekend in Rotterdam, The Hague and Amsterdam! Thank you all. And besides LOADS of other stuff I found this great cooking book at DeSlegte. Lovely recepies which focus on a few simple and healthy ingredients. It's one of those cooking books, you open and can't stop reading...really great.

Montag, 1. August 2011

Dübi - lesson 4

My schoolmate at highschool a few years ago...
Simu Stürm:
"Pffäfer us dr Mühli isch besser als Pfeffer us dr Dose"

(freshly grinded pepper is much better than
pregrinded pepper)

he was so right!